Started from a place of helpfulness.


We believe that the founder is at the heart of every company.

Forum Ventures® was started 10 years ago by Michael Cardamone after 6+ years in operating roles at high growth companies. He understood first hand that the journey can be difficult and lonely, and having support can make or break the success of a company. So he built Forum to be maniacally focused on the founder experience, with the belief that by becoming an extension of the founding team we can meaningfully impact the trajectory of a company.

We invest in founders first and their companies second, and take the entrepreneurial journey together ensuring our founders never feel they're walking it alone. This shared experience is our superpower—it fuels our empathy and shapes everything we do.

Zero to One

We're passionate about helping founders and we mean it when we say founders come first.


We've felt the highs of breakthroughs and the lows of setbacks. We pride ourselves on being the VC that founders can openly express their fears, uncertainties, and failures to. We intentionally create space for vulnerability. And we believe that humour can be a lifesaver amidst the chaos.


We are the steady hand that offers support, a moment of respite, and unwavering encouragement. Remembering our own journeys, we are the helpful partners we once needed. We don't claim to have all the answers. Instead, we emphasize a journey of mutual discovery and learning.


We treat our community with immense respect, honesty, and inclusivity. We are humbled daily – we know we don’t know it all – and we stay open to learning, to different perspectives, and to growing together. Our founders can rely on us to be honest with them, and to guide them to do the right thing. 


We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth – and we remind our founders to do the same. We’re constantly looking to improve – ourselves and our founders’ companies. We innovate with our founders fearlessly, pushing our collective portfolio to shape the future of work.


Each person on our team is passionate about how technology can have a meaningful impact on our lives to transform the ways we operate, connect, and solve life’s greatest challenges. We share our founders’ passions for innovation, transformation, and disruption.


With a blend of experience and empathy, we treat every founder with equal respect and compassion. We educate without patronizing, acknowledging their unique challenges while reminding them they're not alone in their experiences.


A world where all founders, regardless of background or circumstance, can get access to funding, build their dreams, and push the world forward.


Discover everything you need to succeed on the early-stage SaaS journey.

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Forum News

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Welcoming New Partners and Celebrating Our Team

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