Forum AI Studio

Go from concept to launch with less risk in record time

Our venture studio pairs our seasoned team of B2B SaaS and AI experts with world-class founders like you to provide them with funding and support to create successful venture-scalable companies.

What is a Venture Studio?

Venture studios provide a more holistic approach to helping entrepreneurs build and launch their businesses by providing entrepreneurs with a range of services and support, from idea validation to product design and development. They also offer invaluable mentorship, guidance, and resources to help entrepreneurs transform their ideas into successful AI businesses. 

Forum launched our venture studio in 2022 to support founders even earlier in their journey while having fractional ownership in the latest technology transforming how we live, work, and interact. We’re dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses from the ground up. We act as fractional co-founders, providing entrepreneurs with the resources to launch and scale their businesses. 

A Call for Founders

A great AI SaaS founder has the drive and a commitment to solving a problem that plagues themselves and peers in their industry from thriving. They approach “there MUST be a better way” by throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. They envision how tech can enable the world to operate better and jump out of the box instead of being content with the ways things are. We are looking for founders with deep domain experience – not pedigree.

Whether you have your own concept or are an early-stage rockstar and professional brainstormer, we’re looking for founders to build the tech solutions of tomorrow.

What We Provide

We are your co-founder: We can write your code, design your product and create sales materials. We have a team of seasoned SaaS experts who will build alongside you across development, UI/UX, growth and business design.
Funding: We invest $250K USD into each startup we launch and an end-to-end fundraising playbook and network to raise your seed and Series A. We have an extremely strong vested interest in your success, so expect your inbox to be flooded with investor intros when the time comes.
All the benefits of being a Forum company including our network of customers, mentors, and investors, a community of other founders, $100k+ worth of software discounts and credits, and much more!
Extensive experience in B2B SaaS and AI, Forum's venture studio employs a hands-on approach to accelerate the growth of AI-focused startups. Our expertise lies in identifying disruptive AI technologies, fine-tuning business models, and driving rapid growth to transform innovative ideas into venture-scalable companies.
Come create with us
We’re Looking For Ambitious Folks That…

Get 1% in the next B2B Tech Unicorn

We are looking for innovative business ideas to transform industries such as HealthTech, Supply Chain Tech, GenAI, and more! You don’t need an MVP, a co-founder, or even a company to pitch us – just an idea. 

Everything You Need to Start, Build & Win in AI




Product Design

Business Model Design




How it Works

Ideate & Validate

Our team works with founders to rapidly validate ideas and build pilots. We talk to customers, test potential solutions, and collect feedback. We seek market validation for every angle until we get to a pilot.

Build & Sell

After a successful pilot, we build the MVP, expand the team, and develop a sales, marketing, and GTM strategy to hit a target ARR. With the full package, we enter Investor Week to raise your next round.


As you grow, we stay on as board members and observers. You have unlimited access to our communities and enjoy the strength of customer intros, GTM expertise, and a funding network to drive growth.

Build With The Best

Building a company from the ground up requires support to bring it to life. From Day 1, you will have a team of unparalleled experts in building and scaling winning B2B SaaS companies by your side.

Build Your Dream Team

The toughest part of moving fast is hiring the right people. On our platform, you’ll have a dedicated recruitment partner and access to our pipeline of diverse talent and advisors.

Build With Purpose

Join us to build companies that solve the problems you care deeply about. Create a meaningful impact for generations to come.

We’re Looking For Ambitious Folks That…

Have deep industry experience and connections
Have a strong POV on what a market is missing or an unmet customer need
Are passionate about building in the AI space and using AI to solve key industry challenges
Bonus: Have a phenomenal idea born from direct domain or personal experience
Bonus: Have founded a company before or were an early builder at a startup
Come create with us
We’re Looking For Ambitious Folks That…
Create, Disrupt, & Win

Create, Disrupt, & Win

We love to build…
Within legacy markets that are ripe for disruption
In categories that don’t have a clear winner yet
For groups that have traditionally been underserved and overlooked
Companies with clear purpose at their center
Across all industries! Some that we love / have built in include supply chain, vertical Saas, fintech, healthcare, and the future of work, but we are open to all. See our portfolio here
Create with us

Our Venture Studio Team

We’ve deliberately stacked our Venture Studio team with the experience and know-how to conceive, build and scale SaaS companies from scratch. Our studio team consists of researchers, product leaders, marketers, engineers, and operators ready to start the journey with you.

Kostas Grigoriou
Jonah Midanik
General Partner
Maisha C. Leek
Alice Krenitski
Director of New Ventures
Maisha C. Leek
Carmen Tsang
Talent and Recruitment
Maisha C. Leek
Dallas Price
Growth Team
Kostas Grigoriou
Karthik Srinivasan
Maisha C. Leek
Teija Bean
Head of Design
Maisha C. Leek
Sid Bharath
Head of Growth
Kostas Grigoriou
Taylor Walker
Head of People
Kostas Grigoriou
Joe Cardamone
Product Designer
Alejandro Pereda
Venture Analyst
Ammar Abuleil
Technical Lead
Waun Broderick
Technical Lead
Kostas Grigoriou
Draper Sturdivant
Business Development Rep

Start an AI Company with Purpose and Passion

Founders who build with Forum’s Venture Studio are more likely to get to Series A and generate returns. Come with an idea, a problem or desire and let’s create the next big SaaS company together.