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A Call for Founders
A great founder has drive and a commitment to problem solving, not pedigree.

To all aspiring founders with deep domain experience and insight. To people with an entrepreneurial mindset obsessed with a problem to the point of distraction. To the executives, leaders, and early operators who know what it takes to build, have grit, energy, and passion, and love to build with others.

Let’s build the companies of tomorrow, together.

Forum's Studio brings together ambitious people, brilliant ideas, and capital to build the best B2B SaaS businesses in the world, from 0 to 1. In addition to capital, we provide founders with the access to investor networks, fundraising support and resources needed to build transformational companies. Our program is designed to help you move faster, develop better insights, and build companies that have a higher success rate than startups built in any other way.

Everything You Need to Start, Build & Win




Product Design

Business Model Design




Build With The Best

Your Big Idea is going to need support to bring it to life. From Day 1, you’ll have a team of unparalleled experts in both B2B SaaS and founding companies that win.

Build Your Dream Team

The toughest part in moving fast is hiring the right people. On our platform you’ll have a dedicated recruitment partner, and access to our pipeline of diverse talent and advisors.

Build With Purpose

Turn your ideas into companies that solve the  problems you care deeply about. Create a meaningful impact for generations to come.

50+ Companies started and thriving

with follow on funding from:

We’re Looking For Ambitious Folks That…

Have deep industry experience and connections
Have a strong POV on what a market is missing or an unmet customer need
Bonus: Have a phenomenal idea born from direct domain or personal experience
Bonus: Have founded a company before or were an early builder at a startup
Come create with us
We’re Looking For Ambitious Folks That…

The Future: Built By You x Forum Studio

Everything you need from Day 0

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Create, Disrupt, & Win

Create, Disrupt, & Win

We love to build…
Within legacy markets that are ripe for disruption
In categories that don’t have a clear winner yet
For groups that have traditionally been underserved and overlooked
Companies with clear purpose at their center
Across all industries! Some that we love / have built in include supply chain, vertical Saas, fintech, healthcare, and the future of work, but we are open to all. See our portfolio here
Create with us

Our Venture Studio Team

We’ve deliberately stacked our Venture Studio team with the experience and know-how to conceive, build and scale SaaS companies from scratch. Meet our fearless leaders: 

Kostas Grigoriou
Kostas Grigoriou

Kostas Grigoriou is Forum Studio’s Managing Director, driving the venture studio formula of de-risking and accelerating new company creation. Kostas works with founders across business design, market validation, product, strategy, and pushing all the right buttons on their path to building great companies. He has launched numerous B2B SaaS startups in a studio context across horizontal and vertical SaaS. Former academic, entrepreneur, strategy consultant, venture studio director. Lives in Indianapolis with his wife and four kids.

Maisha C. Leek
Maisha C. Leek

Maisha C. Leek is Forum Studio’s Managing Director, starting, building, launching and investing in B2B Startups from inception. Maisha has consulted for Fortune 10 innovation teams on their entrepreneur-in-residence platforms and acted as an operating partner at an NYC-based venture fund, providing strategic support to a portfolio of D2C startups. Prior to venture investing, she managed the executive team and led investor relations at a high-growth startup backed by Andreessen Horowitz. Maisha’s passion for start-ups comes from being the 3rd generation in her family in tech and the 4th generation of entrepreneurs.

Our studio team consists of researchers, product leaders, marketers, engineers, and operators ready to start the journey with you

Start a Company with Purpose and Passion

Founders who build with Forum’s Venture Studio are more likely to get to Series A and generate returns. Come with an idea, a problem or desire and let’s create the next big SaaS company together.