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List of Pre-Seed Funds

Alexis Clarfield-Henry
May 4, 2015
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The size of seed rounds are growing as seen in Mattermark’s recent investment report, which has brought on the rise of pre-seed funds looking to be the first money into a startup before they raise a $2M+ seed round.  Many people have written about this recently, including Manu Kumar from K9 Ventures in his post ‘The New Venture Landscape‘ and Ezra Galston from Foundation Capital in his post ‘A Pre-Seed Primer.

Below is a list of pre-seed funds that appear to invest in SaaS companies (among other areas). It’s a work in progress, so please add a comment or ping us if we missed any or have something wrong!

Bee Partners (San Francisco)

Bold Start (New York)

Beta Boom (Chicago)

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures (New York)

Counterview Capital (New York)

Precursor Ventures (San Francisco)

Initialized Capital (New York)

Jumpstart Ventures (Chicago)

K9 Ventures (San Francisco)

Landscape Capital (New York)

Ludlow Ventures (Detroit)

Notation Capital (New York)

Right Side Capital Management (San Francisco)

Betaworks (New York)

Bolt (San Francisco)

UpHonest Capital (San Francisco)

FundersClub (San Francisco)

FJ Labs (New York)

Rock Health (San Francisco)

Founder Collective (Cambridge)

LaunchCapital (New Haven)

Liquid2 Ventures (San Francisco)

Deep Space Ventures (Dallas)

Structure Capital (San Francisco)

Strong Ventures (Los Angeles)

Collaborative Fund (New York) (Wellesley)

BootstrapLabs (San Francisco)

Lerer Hippeau (New York)

Rothenberg Ventures (San Francisco)

Reach Capital (Palo Alto)

Rough Draft Ventures (Cambridge)

Techstars Ventures (Boulder)

Social Starts (San Francisco)

Backstage Capital (West Hollywood)

Great Oaks Venture Capital (New York)

Fusion Fund (Palo Alto)

Advancit Capital (Norwood)

M25 Group (Chicago)

Scrum Ventures (San Francisco)

Dorm Room Fund (Philadelphia)

Invest Nebraska (Lincoln)

Crosscut Ventures (Venice)

Maven Ventures (Palo Alto)

Social Leverage (Phoenix)

Courtside Ventures (New York)

Soma Capital (San Francisco)

SparkLabs Global Ventures (Palo Alto)

Wasabi Ventures (Manchester)

Sandalphon Capital (Chicago)

The Impact Engine (Chicago)

Off the Grid Ventures (San Francisco)

TechSquare Labs (Atlanta)

Charge Ventures (Brooklyn)

Brainchild Holdings (Newtown)

Quotidian Ventures (New York)

Seabed VC (Saratoga)

PV Ventures (Colorado Springs)

VTF Capital (Santa Monica)

Pathbreaker Ventures (San Francisco)

KiwiVenture Partners (New York)

Amino Capital (Palo Alto)

Cofounders Capital (Cary)

1776 Ventures (Washington)

Alpine Meridian Ventures (New York)

XG Ventures (Menlo Park)

Ulu Ventures (Palo Alto)

Acequia Capital (Acecap) (Seattle)

Black Jays Investments (New York)

GC Capital (New York)

Montage Ventures (Palo Alto)

Project 11 Ventures (Boston)

Presence Capital (San Francisco)

Sovereign’s Capital (Los Gatos)

Healthy Ventures (San Francisco)

GrowthX (San Francisco)

StartCaps Ventures (San Francisco)

Deep Fork Capital (San Francisco)

Connetic Ventures (Covington)

Fortify Ventures (Washington)

Sparkland Capital (San Jose)

Start Fund (San Francisco)

New York Venture Partners (New York)

Blue {Seed} Collective (Brooklyn)

Vine St. Ventures (Cincinnati)

Humanity United (San Francisco)

Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research (Boca Raton)

Beanstalk Ventures (Hartsdale)

TYLT Ventures (Santa Monica)

TEC Ventures (Palo Alto)

Liberty City Ventures (New York)

Center for Innovative Technology (Virginia)

Boston Syndicates (BOSS) (Boston)

Start Garden (Grand Rapids)

Tech Square Ventures (Atlanta)

Bulldog Innovation Group LLC (New Haven)

Lamp Post Group (Chattanooga)

Keshif Ventures (San Diego)

venture / science (San Francisco)

Launch Fund (San Francisco)

Johnson Magrath Partners (Thomasville)

Structure Fund (Los Angeles)

Windforce Ventures (New York)

Third Kind Venture Capital (New York)

Prolific Venture Capital (New York)

Eugene M. Lang Entrepreneurial Initiative Fund (New York)

Excell Partners (Rochester) (New York)

Arafura Ventures (Palo Alto)

New Europe Ventures, LLC (New York)

RAA Ventures (San Francisco)

Morado Ventures (Palo Alto)

Lunch Van Fund (Chattanooga)

Operating Venture Capital (New Orleans)

Anduin Capital (Mountain View)

SP Acquisitions (New York)

2048 Ventures (New York)

I’m sure there are more out there, please email us or comment below and we will add it to this post.

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