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10 Tips for Success for B2B Saas Pre-seed and Seed Founders 

Maggie Bolt
Mar 16, 2023
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Starting a business is never an easy feat, but the pre-seed and seed stages of launching a business-to-business (B2B) Software as a Service (Saas) company can be especially challenging. With so much noise out there for entrepreneurs and first-time founders at this stage, it can be hard to know where to start or what steps to take in order to help ensure success. Here are 10 tips from our own founders who have raised Seed and Series A rounds on what they would tell founders today:

  1. Fall in love with the problem: Be passionate about the problem you want to solve and stay obsessed with it. This will help you get through rejections and build a thicker skin from your pre-seed round to beyond your Series A.
  2. Trust yourself and your expertise: Believe in the knowledge and expertise you have developed in your market domain. While investor feedback can be helpful, trust your own understanding of the problem and your target audience.
  3. The people matter: Be intentional about who you hire and the kind of culture you want to build within your company. Every person you bring on board will have an outsized effect on the team and the organization's values, so be thoughtful in your hiring decisions.
  4. Invest time in culture: Spend a significant amount of time on people-related issues, as it is a valuable use of your time as a founder. This includes focusing on building a strong team and cultivating a positive work culture.
  5. Understand the investor's perspective: Recognize that Pre-seed and Seed investors for B2B SaaS companies are looking for high-growth potential and significant returns on their investment. They're not necessarily looking for immediate profitability, but rather businesses that can scale rapidly and achieve significant market share. 
  6. Develop a solid business model: A strong business model is essential for attracting investors and ensuring your startup's success. Be prepared to showcase how your product or service addresses a real market need, the value proposition for your customers, and a clear strategy for acquiring and retaining customers.
  7. Master the art of presentation: To secure funding and support from investors, it's crucial to effectively communicate your vision, strategy, and business model. Learn how to present your ideas in a clear, concise, and compelling manner. This includes preparing well-structured pitch decks, financial models, and other materials that investors expect to see.
  8. Consider a co-founder with different skill sets than you: If you lack the necessary financial background or skills, consider bringing on a co-founder who can help you develop and present your business model effectively. This person can also help you navigate the complexities of fundraising and financial planning.
  9. Seek help and learn from the community: Don't hesitate to reach out to fellow founders, mentors, or industry experts for guidance and advice on product market fit, fundraising or other topics. By learning from those who have been in similar situations, you can avoid common pitfalls and improve your chances of success.
  10. Be prepared to adapt and evolve: Market conditions and circumstances can change rapidly, requiring you to reevaluate your business model and strategy. Regularly review your business model and be prepared to make adjustments to ensure your startup remains viable and competitive in the long run. This might include exploring new revenue streams, such as subscription models or alternative financing options.

By keeping these tips in mind and maintaining a clear focus on your goals, you can increase your chances of securing Seed funding and building a successful B2B SaaS business.

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