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Winter 2022 Lookbook

Forum Ventures, the top ranked B2B SaaS fund, accelerator, and community, is proud to showcase our Winter 2022 cohort. Scroll to check out the companies changing the way the world works! 

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Personal Finance Tools to Achieve Long-Term Financial Goals in Africa

The Alvin App is a smart money manager app that provides users with a personalized roadmap toward their financial goals along with daily support to spend responsibly in accordance with their goals. We're making Alvin's most dynamic features (e.g. gamified savings, location-triggered notifications, powerful insights, etc.) available to banks as well to plug into their existing retail apps to drive better customer engagement across their client bases.

Winston Reid
Founder & CEO
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A No-Code Back-End for Any App in Under 10 Minutes

With Deskree, developers can deploy a complete back-end infrastructure including DB, Rest & GraphQL APIs, AUTH, Storage, Integrations, and more, within minutes and without a single line of code.

Dmytro Grechko
Danylo Podhornyy
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Shopify for Doctors

Journey Health enables doctors to build, brand & grow their own virtual clinic in less than a week. Doctors can get their existing clinic online or build their own from scratch, and automate how they acquire, retain and cross-sell patients.

Bukhtar Khan
Cofounder & CEO
Yilun Chen
Cofounder & CTO
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Remittance-Backed Loans via WhatsApp in LATAM

Paisa leverages the over $100 billion in remittances received in cash in Latam as the gateway to broader financial security. Paisa's MVP is a remittance-backed loan via a frictionless WhatsApp bot distributed through the remittance agent touchpoint, thus providing the most accessible onramp to digital financial services for the nearly 90% cash-based remittance receivers in Latin America, starting in Mexico.

Ryan Newton
Founder & CEO
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Helping Businesses Recruit and Retain Top Talent with Student Loan Payoff Programs

Spair helps businesses attract and retain top talent with student loan repayment employee benefits. Spair automates the entire process from loan verification to disbursement of payments. The majority of the 43.2 million student loan borrowers are more concerned with paying off their loans than contributing to a 401k. Through stipulations in the CARES Act, businesses can now deduct up to $5,250 per year in payroll tax for qualifying employees participating in their repayment program.

Austin Stehling
Chris Petillo
Co-Founder & CRO
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A Renewable Electricity Marketplace for All

Renewable electricity for all - simple, convenient and affordable. tem is bringing buyers and sellers of renewable electricity closer together, increasing value and service quality for all people and businesses.

Joe McDonald
Bartlomiej Szostek
Ross Mackay