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Unleashing the Power of Ideas: Forum's Spark Pitch ✨

Alice Krenitski
Dec 11, 2023
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Transform Your Vision into Reality with Forum’s Venture Studio

In today's fast-paced business world, there are tons of B2B problems to solve. Filling up a notebook with ideas can feel exciting, but transforming these concepts into operational businesses is another story. Maybe you’re brimming with innovative ideas, but lack the time or resources to bring them to life.

This is where Forum's Venture Studio steps in, offering a unique opportunity to pitch your shelved ideas, and see them come to life.

Your Idea Could Be the Next Industry Game-Changer

In Forum’s Spark Pitch ✨, we understand the impact a single idea can have on an entire industry – sometimes you just need a single spark to ignite a flame. Whether you're a founder flooded with ideas or someone with the expertise but unable to take the entrepreneurial leap, we're here to bridge that gap.

We believe that no idea is too small or too outrageous, and it's the out-of-the-box thinkers who can truly drive change. After all, every idea sounds crazy until it gets built. 

The Opportunity:

Normally to pitch a venture fund, you need: a validated opportunity, a product (or at least an MVP), and customers. We want to lower the barrier to entry to an idea. If your concept is chosen, not only will we develop it into a fully operational company, but you will also receive a 1% equity share in this new venture – without having to build anything.

Who Should Apply?

  • Founders and Entrepreneurs: You've successfully built companies but have more ideas than time to execute.
  • Innovative Thinkers: Your job might not allow you to venture into startups, but your mind is always racing with potential business solutions.
  • Everyone with a “What if” Thought: Ever wondered how a certain product or service could make life and work easier? This is your platform.

How It Works:

  • Submit Your Idea: Our submission process is straightforward, welcoming every B2B idea, big or small.
  • Our Team Reviews: We have an eye for potential and the expertise to recognize a winning idea.
  • We Build, You Benefit: If your idea is selected, we develop it into a company, and you gain 1% equity.

Why Participate?

  • Zero Risk, All Reward: Leave the development hassles to us while you enjoy the benefits of your ingenuity.
  • Expertise at Your Disposal: Our team, seasoned in building successful companies, will nurture your idea from a mere concept to a thriving business.
  • Impact Your Favorite Industry: Be a part of the next big breakthrough.

Examples to Inspire:

What if you could get 1% share in Toast for thinking, “I wish there was an easy way to collect payments for my lemonade stand.”? Or 1% share in Airbnb for thinking,“Hotels are so expensive, I have a spare room in my house that I should just rent out.” 

Now, these can go beyond just thoughts.

Deadline for Pitches: January 5, 2024

Submit your idea today and embark on a journey of innovation and transformation: Submit Your Idea Here

Be part of the next big industry transformer with Forum’s Spark Pitch✨ 

Forum Ventures® is a leading early-stage fund for B2B SaaS startups based in New York, San Francisco, and Toronto. Founded in 2014, we’re on a mission to make the B2B SaaS journey easier, more accessible, and successful for early-stage founders.

Forum's Studio brings together ambitious people, brilliant ideas, and capital to build the best B2B SaaS businesses in the world, from 0 to 1. In addition to capital, we provide founders with access to investor networks, fundraising support and resources needed to build transformational companies. Our program is designed to help you move faster, develop better insights, and build companies with a higher success rate than startups built in any other way.

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