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Lending Infrastructure for $2T in Economic Development

Ned is building the rails and underwriting engine to unlock $2T+ in pent up capital held within government, non profit, and private capital sources. We transform any organization into a revenue-based capital provider. Our platform incorporates origination and capital deployment capabilities, easy deal-making and contracting, and automated revenue sharing on the back end.

  • CEO was Press Secretary to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; Chief of Staff to MediaLink CEO Michael Kassan
  • CTO has 15 years of fintech engineering and product experience; J.P. Morgan, LinkedIn, SAP, Jobox
  • 4 enterprise customers in active pilot program; deploying $7MM+ by Fall 2022 to their 40K+ existing business relationships
David Silverstein
Founder & CEO
Mayur Motgi
Cofounder & CPO
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Prescription Adherence Technology

With over 6 Billion prescriptions filled in the US each year, and only half taken according to schedule, non-adherence affects patients, physicians, and clinics everywhere. At PatchRx, we help clinicians monitor these patient's real medication compliance data through a universal smart pill bottle device and intuitive provider software. By enrolling in PatchRx, clinics generate over $2,000 per patient per year from Medicare reimbursement, and PatchRx takes a 50% cut.

  • Each clinic has an average 1000 PatchRx eligible patients, offering PatchRx an average of $860,000 in revenue per clinic signed (based on 4k pain clinics in the US)
  • Successfully closed over $3M in two funding rounds, and intends to launch officially to clinics in OK on May 16th, 2022
  • Built by founders with personal experiences in non-adherence, surrounded by builders from GM, EPIC, Well and various healthcare tech companies
Andrew Aertker
Gavin Buchanan
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Genometic Data for Personalized Medicine

Precision medicine is changing the face of healthcare. First experiencing this revolution are the 300M people living with rare diseases. However, while there are guidelines to rare disease diagnosis, there are no treatment standards. Management of symptoms for rare patients is currently a trial-and-error, off-label, undocumented process. Varient gives rare disease patients the treatment information they need to manage their disease, while providing Pharma companies with the pharmacogenetic data they need to accelerate over $130B in precision drug development annually.

  • Founder is one year out from doctorate in rare diseases at the University of Toronto; 6-engineer team (ex Huawei/Amazon)
  • 64 communities on waitlist for app after 3.5 weeks + 175 users, no ads
  • Interest from all pharma contacted to date, including Astrazeneca & Eli Lily
Katheron Intson
Founder & CEO
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The O/S for the Next Era of Construction

The construction industry is undergoing a seismic shift, changing from a project model to a product model with buildings manufactured off-site. This creates a new set of processes, needs, players, and roles, with the changes estimated to total $265B by 2034. Building Swell is the operating system powering this next era of construction, making it easier, faster, and more affordable to build product-based buildings.

  • Founded by a former Factory_OS and construction SaaS exec, as well as a software leader from the manufacturing and hardware industry
  • Launching with 3 signed build partners
  • Our build partners and growing pipeline is worth over $650k of expansion potential
Jordan Easterling
Jason Sujjon
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Universal API for Underwriting

Ascent is creating a single API using real-time company data that allows banks, fin-techs and insurance companies to better serve SMBs, startups and other underserved groups. Legacy diligencing and underwriting processes are analog, rigid and tediously slow. Ascent is creating the no code layer that allows companies to build, iterate and automate workflows while reducing developer integration timelines by 90%.

  • Founding and early team have exits to Airwave and Dell, among others, and have worked together previously
  • Ran Alpha with 40 enterprises, 92% WAUs
  • Signed design partnership with Bank, pipeline - three more credit unions, insurance provider, 2x service providers
Arjun Sahgal
Cofounder & CEO
Allan Boyd
Cofounder & COO
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The Embedded Insurance Platform

Mindaro is reimagining insurance distribution with an embedded digital insurance product that enables any business to sell commercial policies to their clients on any digital channel. They are starting with the $6B market opportunity in Cyber insurance and then expanding to the $15B opportunity with Downtime, Small Commercial, and other verticals.

  • 7 channel partners secured in the last 2 months
  • Appointed by 4 digital underwriters for Cyber, Downtime, and Small Business Insurance
  • Team of ex-leaders from Amazon, Toronto Stock Exchange, Melio, Hanover Insurance
Daniel Lubienietzky
Cofounder & CEO
Denis Senchishev
Cofounder & COO
Daniel Bradley
Cofounder & CTO
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QuickBooks for Carbon Accounting

The number of large cap companies reporting carbon emissions has increased 57% in the past two years and 55% of brands want to showcase this information. However, carbon accounting remains too complex for small businesses to adopt. Carbon Calories is democratizing carbon accounting for SMBs by disintermediating consultants and making the workflow as ubiquitous as doing your books.

  • Founder has 10+ years in real estate finance, impact investing, and carbon accounting 
  • Co-founding CTO with 10+ years architecting SaaS products and leading high growth teams at FirstFuel (bought by Uplight), Nuance, Varolli; + 15 years as principal/senior software engineer and UI architecture at SeaChange
  • Columbia University science experts to design rapid, standard-compliant assessment framework 
  • 8 paying clients (3 returning) plus LOIs to use the SaaS upon release; One channel partner and two in negotiation
Alexander Frantzen
Founder & CEO
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Helping Parents Find Their Village and Pediatricians Find More Time

With the rise of Dr. Google and unmoderated online parenting communities, pediatricians are bombarded with questions from parents, increasing time spent providing unpaid “customer service”. Mohm helps reduce the burden placed on pediatricians by providing parents with an expert moderated community where pediatricians can answer questions to a group, enabling parents to navigate the unique challenges of parenthood at home, with confidence.

  • CEO is a former nurse and healthcare ops consultant; COO worked at RBC Capital Markets in healthcare investment research. Both MBA grads from Columbia
  • Medical advisors are pediatricians and professors of pediatrics, with 30+ years of practice deep-rooted relationships within the pediatrician community
  • Waitlist of >300 parents and 20 healthcare providers in 6 weeks with a click to conversion rate of 45% and limited ad spend
Katherine Carlon
Cofounder & CEO
Ashley Ryu
Cofounder & COO
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Managed Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure for Web3

Infrastructure management is a barrier to entry when it comes to deploying an application, with systems hardly defined on Web3. Trellis provides a code agnostic platform that will enable software teams to continuously deploy, test, and distribute applications on Web3 with managed infrastructure. Trellis handles the repetitive, time-consuming, and expensive infrastructure tasks that bog down teams with a scalable management layer anyone can leverage.

  • CEO was a former Tech Lead and on the founding engineering team at multiple start-ups
  • CRO has 10+ years of experience cultivating client and partner relationships through consultative selling and advisement 
  • Initial design partner in place that has 500,000 users and 22,000 developers in their network. Talks with other design partners happening concurrently.
  • Huge opportunity to be at the forefront of Web3 infrastructure
Austin Stehling
Chris Petillo
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AI Credit Counselor That Helps Lenders Increase Engagement & Loan Volume

Banks spend $450B annually acquiring new customers, but lack processes to nurture declined borrowers or cross sell products to their existing customer base.  Credit Mountain is a credit counseling platform and recommendation engine designed to help banks, emerging fintechs, and credit unions increase loan volume with existing leads, and discover refinance and new loan opportunities within their existing customer base, resulting in more loans, more acceptances, and more revenue.

  • $180k in ARR across 10 credit unions and 2 fintechs
  • Distribution deal with the largest credit union group - 500 members
  • 1k prospective borrowers on the platform- 60% conversion rate to credit counselling app
  • Generated $1M of auto refinance leads via the initial POC rolled out in mid April
Nathan Pinto
Cofounder & CEO
Frank Santoni
Cofounder & CPO
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Remote/Hybrid Team-Building Made Easy

Recruiting, engaging, and retaining top talent is more challenging than ever in a remote/hybrid world. Offsite saves employers time, money, and stress by removing the uncertainty around how to reconnect their people in-person, with an end-to-end team retreat planning platform.

  • CEO was in the first 10 employees at 15Five; COO is a serial entrepreneur with multiple 7+ figure businesses in hospitality and real estate
  • Generated over $250K ARR (with an 88% CMGR) -and- $2.5M GMV with only 50 clients
  • Diverse team of 10 with 50% women/30% minorities, includes serial entrepreneurs with travel, marketplace, SaaS, and events experience
Jared Kleinert
Cofounder & CEO
Keir Weimer
Cofounder & COO
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The Payment Processing Solution Built for eCommerce Merchants

For ecommerce merchants, payment processing fees of 2.9% are the highest expense after payroll in their P&L statement, with fraud and high chargebacks eating further into their profits. Wafi makes it easy for consumers to pay for products in cash from their bank accounts, cutting merchants’ processing fees by 50% and reducing the risk of fraud and chargebacks by 81X. Wafi's safe and secure bank payment rails will replace the $3.7 trillion in purchases made on debit cards each year.

  • Founded by former Google and Plaid product leader
  • Signed contracts with 5 retailers representing $300M in yearly payment volume and $900k in projected revenue
  • Robust pipeline of 100+ merchants including Casper, Nike, The Giant Company, Playstation and Steve Madden
Victor Umunze
Founder & CEO
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Simple Cloud Management in a Multi-Cloud World

Millions of companies deploy on cloud, but cloud is tough to get right.  As we move to a multi-cloud world with hundreds of services per cloud, complexities lead to security breaches, excessive costs, and service outages. Metadash is disrupting the $29B cloud management market by simplifying security, spend, and stability using AI, automation, and a superior UX - all in one platform. This removes the need for DevOps, while allowing for a single cloud console that any engineer can manage.

  • Founder built the cloud management system for as an early engineer through to scale; And a past CTO of a venture-backed company
  • Launch pilot includes 4 signed customers 
  • Big and growing pipeline
Ivan Malopinsky
Founder & CEO
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Superhuman for Work Notifications

The average tech worker uses 13 work apps daily, with 86% using more apps than 5 years ago. This ‘techification’ of work life is happening across industries, creating a 100M+ person opportunity to create a unified working experience. Neat is building a central inbox for notifications that connects important work apps and monitors them for updates and alerts, providing a bird’s eye view of white collar workers’ digital workspaces, saving employees time, and increasing team productivity.

  • 700 developers across 300+ teams use Neat today (growing 10% WoW)
  • 33% of users are retained after 60 days, and 40% of users are retained with newly released notifications during onboarding
  • Most active users complete 150-200 actions in-app every day
Sarim Malik
Ted Spare
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Neobank for Immigrant-Owned SMBs

Many of the 3.2M businesses started by immigrant entrepreneurs in the US have been left unbanked and underbanked by the legacy financial system. However, their businesses still earn >$1T in sales a year! OctoCredit addresses the nuances that the legacy financial system overlooks and brings these Diaspora groups into a reimagined system by offering neo-banking & merchant services to start, manage, and scale businesses.

  • Seasoned operators with extensive fintech startup experience at Finix Payments, Synapse, Trulioo, Boom Financial (acquired by Digicel)
  • Credit data infrastructure API built with 6 developer clients - run rate of ~$200K in ARR:
  • 30 businesses on waitlist - access to a reach of >1M people in initial target audience
Ben Quaye
Ted Economy
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Group Payments Infrastructure

The group payments market is massive ($600B+), however merchants only collect data on a single purchaser per transaction. 80% of the buyers are completely anonymous, limiting a merchant’s ability to control the brand and customer experience and market effectively. Travel and ticketing platforms integrate Handsin's API to let consumers pay together for group expenses, capturing all of the payment records simultaneously.

  • Waitlist of 50+ retailers in less than 2-weeks with a combined total of over $15B in payment volume. Including the likes of Expedia Group, Eventbrite, Skyscanner, ODEON group and
  • Group travel is a $695B market, Gen Z and Millenials account for 67%
Samuel Flynn
Raul Patel
Cofounder & CTO
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Revolutionizing the $130B Pet Industry with Low-Cost Consumer Acquisition

The $130B pet industry is plagued by high CAC, especially for giants like Chewy (market cap: $15B) who rely upon paid social. PetPair cost efficiently acquires customers at the earliest stage in their pet ownership journey through our nationwide network of shelters and pet fosters, and then retains pet parents through their entire journey. Through affiliate up-sells and personalized recommendations at adoption and beyond, we’ll build Chewy 2.0: a unique marketplace with an unbeatable consumer acquisition moat.

  • Team comprised of former Product lead at Uber Eats and Chief of Staff and Operations lead at Seed-to-Series-B startups
  • Secured agreements with 4 shelters within 2 weeks of launch, covering 1400 animals annually
  • 100+ fosters on waitlist to power adoption engine and incentivize shelter onboarding
  • Key channel partnerships with animal rescue software platforms covering over 40,000 foster and animal transport volunteers
Daniel Miyares
Aanandh Chandrasekar
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Making Legacy Electronic Medical Records Work for Today’s Healthcare

Physicians are spending over half their time on administrative tasks, resulting in severe burnout, poor clinical care, and financial loss. As a team of physicians, technologists, and healthcare IT professionals, we know this pain firsthand. Voythos is a mobile physician companion designed to simplify all aspects of patient charting and automate care workflows, significantly improving outcomes and reducing physician burnout - all while allowing for clinics and hospitals to keep their legacy EMR systems.

  • Beta app launched in January and being tested by 15 physicians
  • 1 signed paid MSA/SOW from physician clinic, 3 others with contracts
  • In discussions with 2 major healthcare systems about a pilot in their facilities once enterprise feature sets are built
Sophia Khan, MD
President & CMO
Mikunj Joshi
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The Statistical Foundation for the Future of Gaming & the Metaverse

Video gaming is exploding, and its data is becoming more and more expensive and difficult to capture. With no unified source of player data, player identification across games and ecosystems becomes impossible, resulting in a missed opportunity for esports, online modes, communities and more, and a loss of revenue for gaming studios.  With POGR’s data management and ingestion infrastructure, game developers are able to centralize and preserve video game data in a universal source of truth, resulting in more revenue for studios, better game analytics and crash reports for game devs, and a better gaming experience for players.

  • 4 Game integrations secured; 1st game live April 1st; already collecting developer data
  • Developer Access to Steam, Riot Games & Epic Games Steam Auth0 has only been available since March
  • Patentable IP for proprietary data management system & ingestion infrastructure engine
Connor Ellison
Juno Kim
Randolph Aarseth
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The Agile Data Catalog for SMBs

Data has never been more crucial to business, however to date, only enterprises have had the resources to implement Data Catalogs to capture the value in their data. Thorium changes that through their multi-cloud and on-premise data catalog that is easy, flexible and affordable for SMBs and mid-markets, creating an $18B+ and growing fast market. Thorium maximizes the value of company data and improves data usage by drawing clear connections between data and business value through data valuation in an agile catalog for teams of any size, remote or hybrid.

  • 2 technical founders, 1 technical recruiter, 2 prior exits
  • Beta deployed with first active users and $180k ARR sales pipeline
  • Rising regulatory and compliance mandates are driving a large and growing market with 22% CAGR
John Bailey
Cofounder & CEO
Felix Schildorfer
Cofounder & CTO
Michel Milano
Co-Founder/VP Product