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Generative AI for better e-commerce conversions is a generative AI platform that creates and shows the highest-converting product imagery for each shopper based on proprietary data and reinforcement learning. Backed by the cofounders of Kaggle, Covariant, Bonsai AI, and the heads of the Stanford AI Lab and Berkeley AI Research lab.

  • Signed first annual 5-figure contract with publicly-traded e-commerce brand
  • 31 ICP brands in pipeline for Bloom generative
  • Optimized over $34M in revenue and served over 9M product photos via a proprietary photo optimization engine
  • Generative AI + RL + data network personalizes e-commerce content

Arlo Stone Fish
Sam Dundas
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Tech-enabled wholesale and fulfillment for the $264B recession-proof beauty market

In the $264B recession proof beauty market, new brands are being launched daily. Blanka's technology makes it easy for brands of any size to source and customize the highest quality beauty products - with no minimums. Founded by a 2x entrepreneur and 30 Under 30 recipient, Blanka's platform is the wholesale hub and fulfillment partner for branded beauty.

  • $252k ARR with more than 333% YoY revenue growth
  • $230k take rate from GMV (41% of the $560k GMV) in '22
  • Onboarded over 12,000 sign-ups, with 400+ paying customers, growing at 10% MoM

Kaylee Astle
CEO & Founder
Adam Chuntz
Doug Long
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Future of Work & Creator Economy

Employee Management for the $35B Contact Center Market

Attune is a future-of-work platform that gives front-line workers the freedom to manage their own schedules, earning call centers back millions in lost margins. Founded by a team with deep experience in contact center transformation and digital products, Attune is initially targeting the $35 Billion contact center software market. Attune is empowering companies to vastly improve their employee value proposition - and achieve significant cost savings in absenteeism and attrition.

  • In the last 3 months, they’ve signed 3 pilots for $200K,  ARR of $600K at conversion
  • 5 additional paid pilots in Commit/Best Case pipeline, potential ARR of $470K at conversion
  • Renewed their very first customer (IAG, 1000 seats) for $105k in ARR 
  • Signed distribution agreements with Genesys, one of the largest suppliers of cloud contact centers to push our contact center solution into the US market

James McManamey
Tim Buzza
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Beautiful, fast, no-code stores that supercharge conversion and revenue

Nyla is powering the $2T e-commerce industry with a next-generation front end. Gone are the days of expensive dev retainers, edits that take weeks, and stores that become slower and bloated over time. Nyla is 100% no-code, up to 400% faster than Shopify themes, and packed with bespoke designs that are inspired by the top 1% of DTC brands.

  • $350K in ARR and growing at 18% month over month since emerging from stealth last July 2022
  • Working with some of the most influential brands in beauty & fashion: Supergoop, MUTHA, Janessa Leone, Anna Sheffield, and more
  • Their team includes e-commerce veterans in product and growth and their founder successfully exited a prior e-commerce venture
  • Weighted pipeline is over $1M in ARR, anticipated to increase in the coming months

Michael Bower
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A simple API to process bank payments with 10X lower fees, is a payment processing platform that provides businesses with a simple API to process bank payments in a fast, secure, and cost-effective way. Wafi eliminates redundant entities in the payment processing flow giving businesses 10x lower fees as a result.

  • 6 customers with a combined $30M+in processing volume
  • In late-stage partnership conversations with leading vertical payment processors, including Elavon and Endava
  • Founder with deep experience in payments, ex Plaid & Google Shopping

Victor Umunze
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Transforming fashion supply chains from sourcing to financing

Calico is a SaaS-enabled marketplace powering retail and eComm brands to scale their supply chain operations by connecting their data, goods, and payments. Calico leverages intelligent workflows across ordering, supplier management, and product development to power $1.2 trillion worth of production and unlock billions in trade financing previously only available to industry giants.

Having successfully raised a pre-seed from Serena Ventures, Inovia, Maple VC, Forum Ventures, and others, Calico is currently raising its Seed to fill out the executive team, expand its go-to-market, and continue to capitalize on its best-in-class technology.

Built by a 3X founder, and a founding team of supply chain experts, Calico is currently:

  • Servicing customers representing over $25 million in annual inventory value
  • Growing 300% YoY with multinational retailers and venture-backed DTC in the pipeline
  • 27x GMV in 2022 with financing product unlock

Kathleen Chan
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Powering group checkout for e-commerce

The $6.6T global digital payments industry grew 40% in the last 2 years, powered by innovations in mobile wallets, group check-out, and BNPL. Hands In provides a simple API that sits on top of gateway pages to enable group checkout. With a few lines of code, Hands In drives incremental sales for brands and reduces purchase friction for groups.

  • Growing GMV 40% MOM since Q4 2022 Launch
  • $92K of ARR in Won Deals, further $67K at contract stage
  • 5 NDAs signed for partnership with major PSP aggregators, Incl. 1st, 5th, and 18th largest gateway/acquirer in UK/EU

Samuel Flynn
Raul Patel
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Experience Economy Leader

Over $700B is spent annually on Experential Marketing in North America, creating a $32B software market. Limelight’s Experiential Platform of Record gives marketers a software solution to convert attendance into personalised, automated experiences, actionable insights and increased sales.  With companies like Kellogg’s, BMW, Sky Sports are others on multiyear, six figure ARR deals, Limelight has bounced back from the COVID downturn that hit the sector.

  • Over $4M in ARR, a more than 60% increase from 2021
  • Experienced professional CEO with multiple exits, and founder still on the board
  • Posed to grow another 50% in revenue and hit profitability next year

Terry Foster
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Artificial Intelligence

Automating the $20B Pest Management Industry

Each year, 1.6B tons of food, worth $1.2T are lost or go to waste. Hindered by outdated monitoring processes, pests account for 40% of this global loss. ExtraSense replaces manual and labor-intensive pest monitoring processes with a powerful machine vision and AI platform that identifies pests with 98% accuracy.  ExtraSense is transforming the $20B pest management industry, enabling food manufacturers to diagnose issues with real-time visualizations, perspective, and predictive data on pests.  

  • Signed 2 annual contracts since completing MVP in Aug ‘22 with $25K ARR
  • Pilots with recognized brands like Terminix & General Mills
  • Partnership conversations with leading pest control device manufacturer for $900k ARR contract
  • A fantastic team including a CEO with prior exit, and 2 ML PhDs

Oliver Sanchez
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ML/AI for SMB Accounting

Cratoflow is a simple, no-code platform built for stress-free accounting. Cratoflow’s proprietary software, built with machine learning and AI, is optimized for speed and designed to centralize and simplify complex accounting processes. With an easy-to-use intuitive user interface, Cratoflow customers automate workflows and get accurate financial insights, so they can spend more time growing their business.

  • $60K ARR
  • 85% Y/Y Growth (Jan '21-Jan '23) / 70% ACV growth
  • Weighted pipeline is $200k ARR by Q1 2023
  • Partnerships: SBS Nova (CPA firm), HomeVestors
  • Verticals: 3PL, CPG, F&B Manufacturing, Credit Unions
  • Redesigned product and launched v2: SaaS solution for the CFO suite

Shiv Patel
Anand Murugan
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Finni empowers autism care providers to start, run, and grow their practices

80% of autism care providers want to go independent, but it is hard. They are intimidated to find patients, manage their practice, and bill insurance - all while taking care of autistic children.

  • $31,000 MRR, growing 50% monthly
  • $2.1B market. opportunity in the U.S. (40,000 providers, billing on average 175k/year, multiplied by a 30% take)
  • Growth of autism care providers is outpacing number of pediatricians and 1/44 kids are diagnosed with autism

Bucky Khan
Yilun Chen
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Future of Work & Creator Economy

Connected app platform powering the $50B SMB market

In the digital transformation era, companies are using 35+ tools to communicate externally with customers and partners. This fragmented communication cost businesses billions in lost time, poor collaboration, and lost revenue.  Stroll is a connected apps platform, enabling teams to build shared workspaces that streamline and supercharge business communication.

Stroll’s simple, no-code interface, allows it to run horizontally across nearly all business types and use cases: from customer onboarding at brands to agency/client collaborations, sales enablement, and everything in between.

  • Pilots in place with LinkedIn and Docusign
  • 70% of Stroll users use Stroll every day


Jeremiah De Leon
Bao Pham
Co-Founder & CTO
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Making the $140B Natural Gas Production Process more efficient

Talismans’ AI/ML platform, makes natural gas production more efficient, eliminating up to 98% of scope-1 emissions originating from conventional wells, saving operators millions of dollars, and helping them meet our climate goal.

  • Successfully ran a field trial ($150K paid pilot) with the 4th largest producer with great results: 98% reduction in Scope 1 emissions, 88% reduction in maintenance and downtime costs. Set to convert to $300K ARR in Q1 2023
  • 5 patents filed; team holds PhDs in AI & Computing from Brown and MIT
  • $30M pipeline notably including: ExxonMobil, Devon, Saudi Aramco, as well as licensing partnerships with companies such as Texas Pride Fuels

Waleed Nasir
Ali Ahmed
Tammer Riad
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Legal Tech

MultiChannel Insurance Fraud detection

Pilotbird provides software that detects insurance fraud by monitoring claimants' online behavior, helping insurance companies save on the $250B+ paid out to fraudulent claims annually. Pilotbird’s platform aggregates and uses ML to detect consumer behavior that conflicts with the fraudulent claim.

  • $200k ARR 4 months post-launch
  • Commercial enterprise contract
  • 3 paid enterprise pilots ($50k-100k each)
Evgeny Aleksandrov
David Olaniyan